Open display security

Century Europe designs, produces and supplies open display security solutions. These type of solutions are typically applied in electronic stores, protecting for example head phones, mobile phones and tablets. We offer a wide variety of security products and solutions, ensuring an enjoyable shopping experience.

Our products & solutions

Our solutions are high-reliable and easy to install. They can be integrated in different display models. Would you like to enhance your product presentation and to secure your products as well as possible? Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out which solution fits your store’s unique requirements and needs.

Why choose Century?

  • You can rely on a safe multi-alarm technology
  • Merchandise can be displayed, protected and charged at the same time

Customers will be able to touch and interact with valuable products, without compromising security. It will save time, since store staff will not have to open display showcases or cabinets.


A positive shopping experience is important, especially in fashion, electronics and health & beauty. Product protection solutions should not ruin the look and feel of products. An open and attractive shopping experience will help boost sales to a high extent.

Apparel & footwear

Apparel & footwear

Find out more about the pain points in apparel & footwear and how Century Europe can help to reduce shrinkage and to realize an open display.

Apparel (fashion)

Health & beauty

Health & beauty

An attractive product presentation Is essential to retail owners in health & beauty. Find out more about the challenges and solutions.

Health & Beauty



Let customers interact; increase sales. Read more about the various pain points and solutions that we can offer electronic stores.


Century Europe designs and supplies every component that is needed to have a functional and reliable product presentation and protection system in stores. 


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