CA7701 SATURN 1.1

  • Product code: CA7701
  • Frequency: AM
  • Dimension: 1600x720x20mm,1800x720x20mm,2100x720x20mm
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  • Product information

    About this product

    Saturn 1.1 (CA7701) is the concealed AM floor system for any stores, especially the one with wide exits.
    It is the new generation Saturn 1.1 Floor Systems (CA7701 Series) protect open-displayed items effectively while keeping unobstructed shopping environment and generating comfortable shopping experience for customers.

    Unobstructive protection, concealed installation underneath the floor tiles.
    Superior performance, ultra-high detection range/height when working with unique ferrite tiles
    Configuration software
    Optional features


      CA7701-L16 Floor system, size: 1600*720*20mm
    Saturn 1.1 CA7701-L18 Floor system, size: 1800*720*20mm
      CA7701-L16 Floor system, size: 2100*720*20mm
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