• Product code: CA3500S
  • Frequency: AM
  • Dimension: 1460x200x122mm
  • Color: Acrylic
  • Packing: 1520x260x180.5mm,1pcs/ctn,14kgs/ctn
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    About this product

    Artica Super (CA3500S) is the essential and ideal AM Solution for any stores, especially for supermarkets. 
    It is reducing cost of the systems to help low-budget retailers to deploy high performance systems to fight against shoplifting, reduce shrinkage and increase profit. And it is also keeping the high standard of systems as Century Standard Series, such as long range detection, strong noise immunity, strict quality control and attractive appearance design.

    Long range detection, enhanced noise immunit.
    High quality molds and materials.
    Easy installation with built-in electronics and simple configuration.


    Artica Super CA3500SC  Master antenna, acrylic frame, slim size
      CA3500SS Slave antenna, acrylic frame, slim size

    a. Master antenna: Transceiver antenna with all electronics integrated inside the antenna. Can work independently.
    b. Slave antenna: Transceiver antenna with only capacitor board and buzzer inside base of the antenna. Have to work with master antenna.

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