CE39005 Alarming cable blink tag EAS+UHF

  • Product code: CE39005
  • Frequency: 860-960MHZ(GS),AM+RFID,RF+RFID
  • Dimension: 61.2x38.9x17.1mm
  • Color: Light grey,Customized
  • Product information
  • Product information

    About this product

    The Blink Cable CE39005, a self-alarming UHF EPC Gen2 RFID tag, combined with electronic article surveillance(EAS) technology, provides retailers with more options for loss prevention and inventory visibility. 

    Category by Application: Retail
    Material: ABS
    Protocol:  ISO/IEC 18000-63C/64D Compliant
    Integrated Chips: EM4325, semi active 
    EPC: 352 Bits
    User: 3008 Bits
    TID: 48 Bits
    Access Password: 32 Bits
    Kill Password: 32 Bits
    Expected Read Cycles: 100,000 cycles, 23℃
    Operating temperature: -20℃ to +60℃
    Storage humidity: 30%-70%


    • 2 Alarm, when damaged and when detected by EAS systems
    • The flexible lanyard enables easy and smart tagging solutions for various kinds of merchandise
    • Easily attached to a variety of items without damage via a locking pin mechanism and does not require any additional fixture accessories
    • RFID plus RF or AM model that supports both RFID and RF or AM technologies
    • One tag for two functions, compatible with existing EAS systems
    • Read range up to 5 meters when used with a fixed reader
    • Reliable and reusable
    • 3 years battery life 


    Merchandise like a.o. garments, shoes, sporting goods, appliances or houseware.

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