COLORA (LF101/A), Century Full-color LCD price tag, which supports all conventional advertising formats display to enhance marketing effects, as well as providing high performance in price changes.​

  • Product code: LF101/A
  • Dimension: 10.1"
  • Product information
  • Product information

    About this product

    COLORA (LF101/A) can be used to promote any required merchandise and brings new advertising opportunities while making pricing processes more comfortable and enhancing in-store promotional effects.


    · Dynamic display with vivid colors

    · Price change in just seconds

    · Multiple Formats in one Display supported

    · Customizable templates

    · Cloud and Wireless management


    Display Technology 10.1"TFT
    Resolution (Pixels) 800*1280
    Active Display Area (mm) 135.3X216.6mm 
    Operating Frequency 2.4G
    Encryption 128-Bit-AES
    Waterproof Protection IP65
    Power Supply Rail / Type-C
    Operating Temperature -20℃~50℃


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