CENTUVISION, the newest and most advanced CENTURY innovative series of Electronic Shelf Labels with three different series, VISORA, SATINA and FINURA. It is a new generation of ESL that allows the necessary functions to be stored without the need to install web servers. Combining Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Cloud Technology with the most valuable solutions.

  • Product information
  • Product information

    About this product

    VISORA, the top-class, colourful eye-catching electronic label that will attract the attention of the clients in your store. This ESL device will offer an appealing, complete and clear information on the displayed products.

    SATINA, the clean, glazed, multicoloured and data contained ESL format, one of the most globally extended string.

    FINURA, one of the thinnest ESL range in its segment, with the ability to display all the information in an extremely contained space.


    • Real Cloud Structure: SaaS model implementation in order to meet smart retail digital requirements, as no installation will be needed and it can be also used in the whole world.

    • Flexible Deployment: It can meet multiple deployment modes such as group layout, enterprise-level layout and single point layout, as well as not only Cloud Deployment can be done, but it also in private server.

    • Unlimited Expansion: 100 million-level information processing, endless storage, with the aim of meeting enterprises requirements for more and more data storage.

    • Template Customization: Visualizable design, highly customizable, no restriction of content formats and unlimited times of modification, in other words, ready-to-use.

    • Safe and reliable: AES 128-bit encryption technology, highly security of information protection and unassailable privacy protection.

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