D912 POWERLOC electronic detacher

  • Product code: D912
  • Dimension: Charging base: 95.5×35.5×26.5mm,Smart key: 121×48.5×39mm
  • Color: Black
  • Lock: ELS
  • Lock system: Electronic Lock System
  • Packing: 34x25x17cm,30pcs/ctn,7kgs/ctn
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  • Product information

    About this product

    The detacher for our POWERLOC safer locking bars


    Different from most of the magnetic detachers in the market, POWERLOC provides added security value to the safer products.
    It combines a mechanical unlocking system with an electronic code. The safers will only be unlocked when the codes match.
    Century also provides the software platform for store staff to be able to better manage the codes and safer products in stores.
    It adds in this way to the conventional way of safeguarding goods with safers that offer the highest security level for retail merchandise.

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