D420 - AutoDetacher

  • Product code: D420
  • Dimension: Ø140x94 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Lock: AutoLock
  • Lock system: AutoLock
  • Packing: 58x32x25cm,12pcs/ctn,11.96kgs/ctn
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    About this product

    AutoTag and AutoDetacher, the patented unlocking security system, are designed and developed by Century. Driven by mechanics and power, the AutoDetacher D420 rotates and subsequently detaches our AutoTag T233 automatically within seconds.
    Along with the unique AutoTag, Century’s AutoDetacher offers fast and efficient operation at the POS and top security for stores. AutoDetacher can be applied in the countermount version as well as in the countersunk 

    Find out more about our AutoTag T233!
    AutoTag T233T233


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