UniTag & UniDetacher - 24/05/2018

UniDetacher D213 is our unique and patented newest detacher that can open a wide variety of tags. 

On the other hand it is the only detacher that has the ability to release Century's latest tag innovation; UniTag T013-SSS. 

T013 SSS D213

Century's UniTag technique can be applied to almost every conventional Century AM and RF tag*, so any type of merchandise in retail stores can be protected in the most optimal way possible.
The patent on our detacher does not allow any copies of it to be introduced into the market.
Keeping your merchandise safe; adding value to retail!

Do you want to know more about UniTag and our UniDetacher?
Check out the product sheetsrequest a quote or contact our sales support on info@century-retail.com with any queries you may have.

*Please consult our sales support if you need more information on the possibilities.

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