TexTrack S - Our new UHF laundry tag - 07/06/2018

TexTrack S, our new tag for textile management.

CE37004 can easily be sewn onto linen and garments with or without a pouch. TexTrack S is easy to apply, antistatic and resistant to chemicals which makes our UHF laundry tag suitable for hospitals, hotels, workwear management and supply- and inventory management.  

With a heat up to 185 degrees Celsius for 200 wash cycles, your linens and garments will always look as new. The standard colour for this label is white but as perzonalized printing is available, we can accommodate many of your wishes in this field*. 

As a handheld reader can read the UHF laundry tag from a distance of up to 2.5 meters, a fixed reader can even read our CE37004 tags from as far away as 5 meters. The collected data can be held for 10 years.

Would you like to find out more about our TexTrack S? Please read our TexTrack S product sheet for more specifications. 

*Please contact our sales support for more information about perzonalization at info@century-retail.com

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