Powerloc safers, mechanical locking and electronic coding in one safer - 22/02/2018

POWERLOC  is the safer system that combines mechanical (un)locking with electronic coding.
The beauty about this locking system is that it is interchangeable with our conventional mechanical safer locks.

POWERLOC is compatible with almost all of our safer products* and allows you to choose for applying this new way of securing goods whenever you decide to do so.


We can provide you with POWERLOC safers* that have their POWERLOCS pre-installed and are virtually ready for you to go.
The only task that we leave for you is encoding the locks by using the Powerloc electronic detacher.

By doing so the safers will be unlocked only then when the unique code matches.
If stolen, Powerloc will erase its code automatically.
Shoplifters won't stand a chance! 

* Please contact our sales support for the possibilities at info@century-retail.com



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