Multi alarms by Century - 24/01/2019


Multi alarms by Century

Century's multi-alarm product category consists of different types of lanyards, cable tags and grips that help to prevent shoplifting.
These products are characterized by their advanced and reliable multi-alarm technology.
Customers can still see a product's packaging while it's effectively protected from being stolen. 


Emphasizing the word multi is very important for this product group.
Multi alarms are shaped in multiple forms, lanyards, cable tags and grips, they also come in 3 various alarm options.
1, 2 and 3 Alarm and they can be protected by either an SLS locking system or our patented DLS locking system.
Enough options to choose from and so many different kinds of merchandise that can protected by our multi alarms.

T322 - Super cable tag Plus with replaceable cable

T511 - MultiGrip 2 alarm


T516 - EaseCure 2 alarm DLS


These are just few of the possibilities in this extensive product range.
We can imagine that at times you encounter some specific applications that you really need protected by a multi grip that meets specific demands that you may have.
Then why not ask us for the possibilities? Our R&D department and multi alarm specialized product managers will be more than happy to think with you on the best fitting solution.

For more information on our MultiAlarm series please contact us via or 0031-547-820303. 

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