Labels for fresh-frozen food - 30/07/2016

Do you desperately need labels to prevent your fresh and frozen food from being stolen? Have you ever thought of a unique label that could work perfectly in both freezers and microwaves? The good news is Century has just launched two EAS labels to make your wishes come true.

Century’s new RF Frozen Label GF4040_DFZ is the upgraded version of GF4040_FZ. The new RF Frozen Label GF4040_DFZ is able to keep a consistent performance at -25℃ and also provides on-shelf availability and reduces loss.

Meanwhile, Century has also introduced another AM label R011 for fresh and frozen food. It does not only provide consistent performance in low temperatures (-25℃) but is also microwave-safe while attached to fresh & frozen food packaging. These two features along with Century assured quality make R011 the best choice for protecting fresh & frozen foods, especially microwaveable frozen foods.

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