CE38008 FLEXIBLE ON METAL LABEL - 30/10/2019

Century launched a new RFID on metal label Metalion™ M Ⅱ (CE38008), added to Metalion™ series, which is suitable for small size asset management.

Metalion™ M Ⅱ (CE38008) is the small-sized printable on-metal label in Metalion series and measures 60 by 12 by 0.8 mm (2.36 by 0.47 by 0.03 inch). It features a thin, maximum flexibility which is suitable for flat or curved metal surfaces. Metalion™ M Ⅱ (CE38008) is offered with preprint and encoding or blank to be printed and encoded on-demand using RFID enabled thermal transfer printers. It is an excellent option for indoor applications that demand user flexibility and affordability.

Getting interested in Century’s new AM deactivator, feel free to contact us at info@century-retail.com for details.

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