Antenna systems CA78 &CA79 - 17/10/2017

 Antenna systems Atento CA78 2.0     Vista CA79 2.0



Century's AM systems with remote system management
Century launches two new EAS AM systems with remote system management for stores and supermarkets.
Our remote system management allows retailers to manage their EAS antennas with remote tuning and real-time system monitoring.
Remote tuning solves up to 17% of possible system challenges from a distance. 

The Atento and the Vista antennas come in a high-grade acrylic design, both in a standard size but also in a design which has been developed for stores and supermarkets.
Visitor counting is an optional feature. Optimal noise filtering and reliable detection performance are some of the standard features on our Atento and Vista systems.
That makes them the ideal security solution for stores and supermarkets.



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