In the do it yourself (DIY) and hardware industry, retailers report an increase of retail shrinkage. This is mainly caused by shoplifting and employee theft. Globally speaking, batteries, drills, power tools and door locks are three major attractions to thieves in this market. Century Europe offers several solutions to protect these and other articles.

Protection of merchandise

Home improvement stores need to protect various types of products in different shapes and sizes. Not just to prevent theft of valuable merchandise such as drilling machines, but also with regard to safety and shopping experience. Take for example large drills. Century Europe has developed high-quality tubes that match different sizes which protect the drills and that you can easily see through, which benefits the customer’s shopping experience. Besides, safety is guaranteed, since customers can pick up these types of sharp objects without hurting themselves. We develop and supply various types of tailored retail security products and solutions to prevent losses as a result of theft.

Why choose Century Europe

Century Europe does not sell individual products. Our product range consists of labels, tags, safers and antennas, but also deactivators and other complimentary solutions. We produce everything ourselves, which enables all items to work together highly efficiently and reliably. Besides, this helps us to ensure a high quality! A few other advantages are:

  • High performance
  • Advanced multi-alarm technology
  • Flexible solutions tailored to budget and needs

We provide both RF and AM security solutions for a wide variety of products, including those that are difficult to protect, such as metal-based articles or goods packaged in metal. Whatever challenge you are dealing with, we strive to find the perfect retail security solution to reduce shrinkage. Please download our brochure for more information or contact us.

Main challenges

Century Europe supplies various security and identification solutions to improve a store’s performance and profitability. In DIY and hardware stores, three main challenges with regard to loss prevention are shoplifting, theft by dishonest employees and a wide variety of products to protect. Read more about these challenges by following the hyperlinks below.



Improved skills and increased sophistication of shoplifters present serious challenges to retail owners.


Employee theft

Theft by dishonest employees occurs in DIY and home improvement stores every day.

Internal theft

Product differences

DIY stores sell a wide variety of products in different shapes and sizes that need to be protected.

Difficult to protect

Solutions applied in DIY

Enhance the customer’s shopping experience and – at the same time – protect articles as much as possible! Read more about three different solutions that Century Europe provides in the DIY and hardware market.

Electronic article surveillance

Electronic article surveillance

Our advanced electronic article surveillance solutions ensure maximum protection in your store.

Article surveillance

Source tagging

Source tagging

Learn more about source tagging solutions provided by Century Europe and how it can benefit your DIY store.

Source tagging

Products DIY and hardware

Our product range consists of advanced products that are easy to implement and install. Looking for a custom-made solution that helps to drive sales even further, while ensuring a secure protection? Let Century Europe help you.


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