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In the world of consumer electronics, retailers want their customers to be able to experience displayed electronics without limitations. SENS Retail’s UNO series of display products are designed and produced to ensure just that; see, touch, compare and try “high touch” portable products like mobile phones, tablets, cameras and audio products freely and without hindrance. Also taking the secureness into account that SENS UNO open display products enable, retailers will see their sales and profits get boosted.

Features that SENS gives to its display products are that they can be operated easily, adapted without much effort, installation is made simple as ever and (self)service can be done in the wink of an eye. Century is proud to adopt the SENS product range UNO into our palette of retail security products and to continue on adding value to retail.

Design, production and sales

While SENS Retail, founded in 2012 by Albert Rave, is responsible for the design of their entire range of open display products, Century is trusted by SENS to facilitate and take care of the production of their Quattro- and UNO series.
Mid 2017 SENS granted us the sole distribution rights for the SENS UNO product range in countries outside of Europe. In 2018 SENS and Century came to the agreement that Century Retail Europe will be the exclusive distributor of the SENS UNO products in the whole of Europe.

In Century’s Experience Center in Goor, the Netherlands, UNO products can be tried, tested, touched and seen. Feel welcome to visit and experience what Century has to offer.

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